Morpho Finger On the Fly®

Finger On the Fly® is the world's fastest contactless finger scanner. It captures 4-fingers in less than 1 sec for high security multi-finger enrollment & matching with extremely fast touchless convenience.
Published: September 1, 2014

MSRP: MSRP in range of $10,000

Morpho takes you a step beyond touch with Finger On the Fly®, the world’s fastest contactless four finger scanner. Using advanced imaging technology, this innovation simultaneously captures four fingerprints from a single wave of the hand.

Finger on the Fly® simultaneously delivers high security through multi-finger matching, and extremely fast touchless convenience. Delivering high-resolution fingerprint capture and matching in less than 1 second, these features combine to deliver maximum possible biometric throughput for truly secure and streamlined touchless access.

Finger On the Fly® allows fast throughput for reduced bottlenecks and wait lines in high traffic areas. It is ideally suited for applications such as border control at airports, access control at sensitive and high traffic sites, flow management and a wide range of other situations where convenience, speed and security are a priority.

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  1. Usability
    • High throughput: Time to acquire fingers less than 1 second
    • User friendly: does not require particular hand position: dynamic acquisition capability allows subjects to be on the move’ during fingerprint capture
    • High image quality: meets challenge of wet and dry fingers
    • High speed minimize FR impact (low operational impact)
  2. Contactless
    • Convenient and effortless: positive user experience
    • No latent traces left on scanner
  3. Four finger technology
    • Accurate enrollment, identity verification (1:1 matching) and identity identification (1:N matching)
    • High security with enrollment and matching of more biometric data
    • Compatible with current contact databases
    • Interfaces into existing IT environments

This breakthrough technology benefits integrators in that it:

  • Increases their ability to serve the needs of more clients in more markets
  • Adds to the value and comprehensiveness of the solutions they offer
  • Is easier to support due to intuitive nature of the product and ease of use
  • Can be embedded directly into high speed gates, optical turnstiles, mantraps etc…
  • Offers a much higher level of security to customers at more locations and for more users than traditional systems can handle

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