Model Charged for Allegedly Stealing Hospital’s $27K Baby Grand Piano

TORONTO — A male model accused of stealing a $27,000 baby grand piano from Toronto General Hospital (TGH) in July has been charged with theft, fraud and trafficking in stolen goods.

Artem Stanislav Timofeyev, 27, allegedly stole a Boston Steinway baby grand piano from the fourth floor of the hospital on July 14. Ten days later, authorities found the instrument at a Mississauga music store, National Post reports.

Security footage showed three men taking the piano, two of whom were captured using a dolly to maneuver the piano into a white Ford cargo-style van. At the time of the incident, some hospital employees asked the men what they were doing with the piano, but believed the instrument was being removed from maintenance.

Police later determined that two of the men involved in the theft have been cleared. They had been hired by a moving company and was unaware of their role in the alleged theft.

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