Michigan Universities Tighten Security

Published: August 29, 2007

DETROIT – This fall, Michigan students will return to university campuses that are equipped with more security and upgraded communications equipment.

Wayne State campus officials, in an effort to increase emergency preparedness in response to the Virginia Tech incident, organized a training exercise that included multiple “shooters” and several wounded and dead students. The objective was to make sure officials knew how to handle complex, violent situations, so that everyone on campus feels safe.

Other Michigan campus leaders have assessed their emergency management plans and are making upgrades. Phones will be installed in 315 classrooms at Central, and the frequency of campus safety meetings involving students and staff will increase.

Central Michigan University is reviewing ways to send instant campus messages in case of an emergency.

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More than 15,000 students and faculty members at Wayne State University have signed up for instant alerts via cell phone text messages. Students at Michigan State will soon be notified that they can sign up for text messages.

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