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Equipped with a broad range of advanced, healthcare security solutions, STANLEY Security is a leader in innovative technologies and highly scalable delivery platforms to transform patient care and security at any healthcare facility.
Published: September 1, 2014


As the sixth largest Catholic healthcare system in the U.S., Mercy serves more than three million individuals a year in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. For Mercy, being able to offer attentive patient care is highly contingent on the strength of the access control system in place. When tasked with upgrading and fully integrating its access control and video security systems in St. Louis and Springfield, MO-area facilities, Mercy turned to STANLEY Security.

With STANLEY’s expertise, Mercy completed a significant access control upgrade to the Lenel OnGuard Enterprise Integrated Security Management Software and upgraded the Genetec video security system for integration with Lenel OnGuard. Lenel OnGuard Enterprise allowed for ease of integration with various devices – including Mercy’s 100 access control panels, over 2,000 doors and 600 cameras in over 20 facilities – offering flexibility for the future and scalability that grows with a facility’s changing needs.

Engineered by STANLEY, the breadth and depth of access control upgrade and video integration provided through the Lenel OnGuard Enterprise platform effectively streamlines all imperative systems under a single, unified platform, database server and user interface. This large-scale integration enables security departments, regardless of geographical location, to efficiently support one another in providing comprehensive, quality healthcare services to the region.

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  1. Effectively and efficiently consolidates access and video surveillance systems, allowing many devices, access points and cameras to be managed on a single platform.
  2. Mercy’s corporate security and IT managers can maintain central control over the entire integrated security system, while allowing regional offices independence and autonomous operations of their respective security systems.
  3. Highly scalable solution, supporting an unlimited number of regional servers and client workstations. Powerful, transaction-based architecture allows the system to grow and support Mercy’s expanding care centers and services, while utilizing the same access control field hardware and application software.

“We chose STANLEY as Mercy’s systems integrator for many reasons. First and foremost, it was for their ability. With a global footprint and long history of success stories, STANLEY has managed to amass a pool of resources that enables them to engineer, program, install and maintain nearly all elements of a security solution,” said Terry McTague, Manager – Security Systems for Mercy. “This solution allows Mercy to integrate on a local, regional and nationwide level. Additionally, integration health system-wide will enable security departments, regardless of geographical location, to support one another and others that rely on our services.”


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