Man Granted School Bus License Despite Suspected Terrorist Ties

State lawmakers and the governor are concerned that Amir Meshal is permitted to drive school buses in Minnesota.
Published: September 14, 2015

A man on Homeland Security’s No Fly List has been granted a school bus driver’s license in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety said in a statement that it has no legal reason to deny a license to Amir Meshal, according to

Meshal was flagged by federal authorities for allegedly helping to recruit young people for terror groups and was banned from a mosque last year.

The situation has some lawmakers pushing for laws to prevent people like Meshal from getting a bus license in the future and state Governor Mark Dayton says he is “very concerned.”

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Meshal, who also owns a commercial trucker’s license, passed a background check because he has never been charged with a crime. He has also sued the government for his inclusion on the No Fly List.

Meshal has been interrogated more than 30 times in three different countries by U.S. officials and was detained for more than four months in 2006.

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