Man Allegedly Attacks Hospitalized 2-Year-Old

Published: April 6, 2011

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A man was arrested after he allegedly covered a two-year-old girl’s mouth to prevent her from breathing and struck her in the head several times at Brenner Children’s Hospital. Jacob Andrew Minton, 26, was let into the girl’s hospital room by her mother.

The girl was flown to the hospital on March 27 with a skull fracture and blood on her brain, the Winston-Salem Journal reports. Minton, who is the boyfriend of the child’s mother, entered the hospital room and assaulted the girl. Alerts from the system monitoring the girl’s vital signs began going off; hospital officials later determine this was due to the assaults on the child.

Hospital staff contacted hospital security, who then reported the incident to police. Minton is being held at the Forsyth County Jail on an attempted murder charge.

The warrant also indicates that Minton pinched the girl’s nose, jabbed her in the stomach and slapped her in the head while she was at the hospital. It is unclear how she sustained the injuries for which she was being treated.  

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