Lock Haven U. to Review its Policy of Keeping Campus Police Unarmed

LOCK HAVEN, Pa. – Lock Haven University’s (LHU) Council of Trustees is debating whether or not to allow its campus police to carry firearms at all times.

The present policy stipulates that campus police officers can only arm themselves in emergencies. Otherwise, the firearms are to be locked at all times.

The possible change in policy comes in response to a rise in violent crime on campus, as well as a shortage of city and state police who usually assist the campus police when a dangerous situation arises. Now, however, the city and state police may be too understaffed to offer help.

At the moment, campus police, who are certified police officers, are better trained than city and state counterparts. They must overcome various hurdles, such as completing the Act 120 Municipal Police Officer Training, which offers firearm training and must be completed on an annual basis. They must also pass a written exam before being allowed to carry a gun. Even after the written exam is passed, campus officers perform shooting training exercises twice a year.

They are also trained in recognizing bite marks and investigating sex and computer crimes.

Some students, however, worry that the change in policy may work against its intended purpose, and that the university is no place for guns.

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