ISU Lifts On-Campus Drinking Ban for Spring Celebration

Published: November 29, 2005

AMES, Iowa, Iowa State University (ISU) announced it will no longer ban on-campus alcohol consumption at Veishea, its annual spring festival.

The ban was originally imposed in 2004 in response to drunken riots at the event. Veishea 2004 resulted in 37 arrests and overturned cars, broken windows and burned furniture, which totalled approximately $250,000 in property damage. Prior to 2004, Veishea had experienced other disturbances, including the 1997 stabbing death of a 19-year-old man at a fraternity.

Despite these events, the lifting of the ban has received widespread support among students and even law enforcement. University officials hope the latest move will reinvigorate Veishea, which is an 83-year-old celebration intended to highlight ISU’s academic achievements and draw prospective students to the school.

Under the new rules, students in residence halls can have parties where alcohol is served. School officials hope the new policy will reduce the size and number of off-campus parties, which campus police blame for the previous unrest.

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Alcohol has been banned on campus by ISU since 1998.

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