Inovonics Launches New Water Detector

Inovonics' detector provides warnings to prevent damage caused by leaks.
Published: April 4, 2017

Inovonics has announced the release of its new EN1751 water detector.

The transmitter is designed to provide early warning against damage caused by leaking appliances and standing water when used with the Honeywell FP280 probe. It leverages the EchoStream wireless platform.

When paired with the Honeywell FP280 flood probe, the EN1751 will transmit an alarm message when 1/4″ or more of non-distilled water is present.

“Up until now, if a property manager wanted to detect a leaky hot water heater, or a facilities director wanted to safeguard critical infrastructure from water damage, their wireless detection choices were limited.

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Standard practice required a third party sensor and Inovonics EN1210 universal wireless transmitter. That all changed with the introduction of the EN1751, which eliminated the practice of home grown solutions, creating a wireless transmitter with water detection capabilities built right in,” says Scott Fincher, senior product manager at Inovonics.

Inovonics says the transmitter is ideally suited for placement in the drip pans commonly installed beneath hot water heaters.

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