Inmate Faces Charges After Escaping Hospital

A Napa County inmate is facing a felony escape charge after leaving a hospital where he was being monitored by one private security officer.

A Napa County jail inmate was charged with escape, a felony, after he left Queen of the Valley Medical Center early in the morning on Jan. 23.

Tyler Nicolas Russell, 21, was found a few hours later at a market. He was considered a low-risk inmate and was at the hospital with one private security officer. He had been at the hospital for three days prior to his escape, the Napa Valley Register reports. 

Russell left the hospital and changed into clothes he found on the street. He then borrowed a cell phone to call a cab, which he took to the apartment where his girlfriend had been staying. 

Following the incident, the Sheriff’s Office is reviewing its practices and procedures related to using private security to guard inmates. The Sheriff’s Officer currently contracts with Black Talon Tactical Inc. to guard inmates at the hospital.

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