IDenticard’s UBand Performs Multiple Campus Functions

Published: September 22, 2014

IDenticard releases UBand, a silicone wrist band with a built-in MIFARE chip that allows it to be used for all MIFARE applications.

The device can be used for dormitory or classroom access, payment at campus dining locations, printer authorization in campus libraries and more, according to the company. With the capability to perform multiple functions, UBand is an ideal supplement to an existing campus card or “one card” solution.

“UBand helps consolidate a number of processes for students and faculty alike, eliminating the need for multiple cards with attachments,” said Katelynd Boles, Product Manager for Cards and Credentials at IDenticard. “Instead, UBand sits comfortably on the wrist and is ever-present, increasing the likelihood of student purchases while decreasing the likelihood of loss or theft.”

Available in 20 colors and three sizes, the product can also be custom-printed with text or a graphic. With these options, UBand can be customized to feature a school’s colors and logo, making it a tool for increasing brand recognition and school spirit.

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