IAHSS 38th Annual General Meeting Starts June 25

Published: May 31, 2006

The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) announces it will be holding its 38th annual general meeting June 25-28 in San Jose, Calif.

This three-day educational program is designed for healthcare security and safety professionals, as well as hospital administrators, emergency room professionals, emergency management and risk management personnel and others concerned with maintaining a customer-friendly, safe and secure environment of care.

Seminar attendees will:

  • Hear from experts in security design, lawmaking, management of national security events, alert systems design and implementation
  • Experience issues right out of today’s media headlines
  • Learn from the experiences of those with first hand knowledge
  • Discover what organizational models work best for healthcare institutions
  • Understand how to integrate hospital readiness with that of governmental agencies
  • Make the most of funding opportunities for readiness and facility hardening

Speakers will include:

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  • Healthcare executives
  • Safety and security professionals
  • Regulator agency personnel
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Legal professionals
  • Emergency preparedness/management experts

For a quick review of the program schedule and to register online, go to http://www.iahss.org/agm_welcome.asp.

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