HummingBad Malware Targets Mobile Phones

Published: July 12, 2016

A new strand of malware is being discovered on smartphones stealing data and information.

HummingBad, which has infected millions of phones around the world, is software that can allow hackers to extract information about the device’s owner, reports

Once infected, phones begin to perform erratically and can act like users have clicked on ads for no reason.

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There are several apps users can download to scan their phones for malware. A factory reset can also erase traces of malicious software from your device. Backing up a phone’s data on the cloud is a great way to minimize the disruption of resetting a phone.

Sometimes the malware gets onto a user’s device after your download an application from an untrusted source.

Dan Wiley, the head of incident response at cybersecurity company Check Point, says users must be careful about the apps they download and pay attention to where they’re coming from.

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