Hospital Security Officer Evacuates Patients, Staff Before Gas Explosion

The security officer credited the training he's received at the hospital for his actions.
Published: December 23, 2016

A hospital security officer in Ohio is being praised for helping evacuate patients and staff members after detecting a gas leak Wednesday.

Patrick Spencer helped around 30 people exit the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Primary Care Center just before a massive gas explosion occurred at a shopping center across the street, reports

Spencer, 51, was at his desk in the Columbus, Ohio health facility when he first smelled gas. As he walked to the front door of the center the smell became stronger.

Spencer says when he looked across the street he saw construction workers running away from their work site and a manager at the Domino’s pizza shop next door rushing her workers out of the restaurant.

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Spencer quickly informed the hospital employees and patients of the gas leak and instructed them to leave the hospital through the back door immediately.

The moment the group got outside, they heard a deafening bang.

“I could feel the concussion from the explosion, the heat from the explosion,” Spencer remembers.

Now people are calling Spencer a hero and praising his quick thinking.

“I’m flattered, but again, I’m just doing my job,” Spencer says. “Children’s hospital really trains us well to handle these kinds of situations.”

Spencer has worked at the hospital for four years and says the training he’s received has been “incredible.”

No one was injured in the blast, something Spencer thanked the Lord for.

How’s that for a holiday miracle?

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