Hijacker Crashes Bus Carrying Students


A 23-year-old, shirtless man hijacked an Atlanta Public Schools school bus carrying 12 students reports the Associated Press.

According to police, on Aug. 27, the school bus was dropping off a student when Arris Pitmon jumped through the window and overpowered the driver. When the driver ran to the rear of the bus, Pitmon left the vehicle driverless so he could chase the driver. During this time, the bus was thundering down a steep hill.

A student tried to take control of the steering wheel; however, Pitmon fought him to regain control of the bus. At that time, the bus, which carried students from Forest Hills Academy from grades seven through 12, crashed into a fence, stopping 175 feet off the pavement, according to the news report.

During the incident, two students and the bus driver suffered minor injuries.

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