Harvard Police Stop Investigating Coffee Poison Incident


The Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) has stopped the investigation of the Aug. 26 poisoning of six people at a Harvard Medical School laboratory, citing that after four months, its “efforts, unfortunately, have not yet resulted in the resolution,” according to The Harvard Crimson.

During the Aug. 26 incident, six researchers had symptoms ranging from ringing in the ears to dizziness. Later, toxicologists determined that sodium azide, a laboratory preservative, was in the water tank of a coffee machine at the Medical School’s New Research Building.

HUPD officials interviewed more than 150 people in attempts to solve the mystery. Though one victim alleged possible foul play in October, there was no evidence to prove the point, as the victim was unaware of any office resentment.

Since the incident, officials at the Medical School have taken a series of safety measures, including improving the security of the filtered water supply, adding cameras into the New Research Building and installing an emergency text message system for students and staff.

HUPD is leaving the case open and continues to welcome leads.

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