Guard Injured By Fans After Football Game Sues College for Negligence

Security guard sues USC after allegedly being trampled by fans after a football game.

Security guard David Beuno filed a lawsuit against USC after allegedly being trampled by fans rushing onto the football field after last year’s USC vs. Stanford game.

After USC’s winning field goal during the game, fans stampeded onto the field to celebrate. Bueno was one of three security guards in charge of manning a stairwell that leads down to the football field. He claims that fans stomped on him, injuring his head, lungs, back, and bruising his whole body, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Bueno filed the lawsuit for an unspecified amount of money and claims USC had insufficient plans for “the magnitude of nationally significant games like USC v. Standford so that fans, players, coaches officials and security personnel are not ‘left in the lurch’ by inadequate security.”

USC did not provide any immediate comments.

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