Grambling State University Protecting Students, Property With Axis Network Cameras

Published: July 18, 2008

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, announced July 14 that Grambling State University is using its network cameras to ensure the safety of its students and property.

Grambling State University houses its students in 19 residence halls dotting its north Louisiana campus. The school grounds contain five colleges, including an honors college, two professional schools, a graduate school and a division of continuing education. In addition, it offers younger students a laboratory high school.

Axis partner CameraWATCH Technologies has worked with the university as a contractor installing the campus wide surveillance system utilizing its fiber optic backbone. The IP video technology allowed the university to use a centralized recording center in Information Technology Center’s main production/server room. In addition to Axis network cameras, CameraWATCH also installed Genetec’s video management system.

Safety is a concern at any U.S. university and Grambling State University takes its responsibilities very seriously. A few years ago, the university had separate pockets of analog camera systems scattered on campus, none of which were easily upgradeable or integrated. In fact, as the technology became obsolete individuals could no longer operate the old analog systems, thereby causing the systems to be non functional to the university.

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Grambling then initiated a review of its needs before settling on the current network surveillance system. To achieve its objectives, Grambling’s IT department first set up a network to provide coverage for selected areas and then implemented 220 Axis network cameras to monitor residence halls, the newly constructed assembly center, the laboratory high school and property and receiving areas. In the near term, Grambling anticipates adding an additional 100 network cameras to monitor new residence halls and academic buildings. Currently, the school as deployed AXIS 216MFD and AXIS 212 PTZ Network Cameras. The AXIS 216MFD was specifically installed because of its high resolution, obtained through megapixel technology to cover areas within the university, such as entrances to buildings, hallways, bus stop locations, outside equipment storage locations and streets.

“We’ve found the network surveillance system to be a tremendous deterrent to campus-wide crime, and in the rare cases when it has happened, we’ve solved more than 50 percent of criminal acts using images from the network cameras,” said Winfred Jones, associate vice president for information technology at Grambling State University.

In addition, Jones noted that while older analog camera systems could only archive video up to 14 days, the Axis network cameras with Genetec’s video management system can back up 30 days worth of video.

Even with these improvements, Grambling’s IT department isn’t finished yet. Within a year, the university plans to implement a wireless system that detects motion in sensitive areas such as the registrar’s office, residence halls and administrative areas during certain hours. Once motion is detected, the system will send alerts to campus police in their vehicles. As a result, these types of systems will enhance the university’s ability to respond quickly Grambling expects to be able to respond even more quickly to safety-related events. Campus police in vehicles will even be able to receive images sent directly from the network cameras to be able to identify suspects if necessary. As a result, Grambling believes it will be able to offer students the safest school environment possible.

“We’ve found strong interest for our network cameras in educational environments, because of enhanced concern about campus safety,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications Inc. “In fact, over the last four years, Axis network video products have been installed in educational institutions all the way from Wales to Wisconsin. We applaud Grambling’s ambitious efforts to maintain a safe learning environment for students and look forward to working with the university and CameraWATCH Technologies as it enhances its surveillance capabilities.”

Axis July 14, 2008 press release

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