Genetec Synergis Supports SALTO SVN-Enabled Locks

The Genetec Synergis™ IP access control system supports popular wireless locks from SALTO with SALLIS wireless technology.
Published: September 29, 2017

Genetec Inc., a provider of open architecture security and public safety solutions, announces that Genetec Synergis, the company’s Security Center IP access control system, can now manage SALTO’s stand-alone battery-operated locks with the support of SALTO Virtual Network technology.

The announcement means that Synergis customers can now cost-effectively replace tradi-tional mechanical locks with Salto SVN-enabled locks to secure doors and entrances that previously may have been too expensive to network with either wired or wireless locks. Using RFID technology, SALTO SVN standalone locks communicate with a central server by using a smart data-on-card system as their network — all access data is stored on and distributed by the keycard.

When presenting the keycard to an offline standalone door, locker, cabinet or server rack, not only does this control access rights to that door but, thanks to two-way communication, the door also writes data like access rights, blacklist information or battery status back onto the card. The keycard then transmits this information back to Synergis via online wall readers that are able to update and receive information from the cards from anywhere in the building.

SALTO also supports locks including the XS4 range of escutcheons, electronic cylinders, and the entire SALTO platform.

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Additional Product Info

Salto Lock Connectivity with the SALLIS IP Router

The Synergis system offers you several possibilities to connect to SALLIS-enabled locks. Leveraging you corporate network, the Synergis Cloud Link appliance connects to the Salto SALLIS IP router which in turn wirelessly manages up to 64 downstream locks. All access control decisions are managed by the Synergis Cloud Link appliance. Popular card technologies are supported like HID Prox, HID iCLASS (CSN only), Mifare, and DESfire, allowing for a phased migration when budget permits.

Salto Lock Connectivity with the RS-485 Router

An alternative option is to connect the SALLIS RS-485 based router to Synergis Cloud Link over a serial connection. The SALLIS RS-485 router manages up to 16 downstream locks, with all decisions and event recording handled by the Synergis Cloud Link appliance. For a phased migration when budget permits, all popular card technologies are supported including HID Prox, HID iCLASS (CSN only), Mifare, and DESfire.

The HID VertX EVO V2000 is a dual-reader intelligent controller that can manage up to two doors. Handling all access control door decisions, the V2000 will report events and alarms in real-time over any IP network to the Genetec Synergis IP access control solution.

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