Florida Students Allegedly Riot Over Fired Workers

Published: October 1, 2009

Bethune-Cookman University students gathered in a campus call on Sept. 30 in protest of two residential hall staff members that were fired. A day earlier, the students participated in a “free-for-all” on campus, according to the university’s police chief.

According to University President Trudie Kibbe Reed, students were upset over the firing of two university workers. The staffers were recently let go for allegedly having inappropriate relations with students.

On Sept. 29, a student inadvertently set off a sprinkler system on the third flood of a university hall, reports news-journalonline.com. Students were evacuated out of the building.

Video footage shows students later rushed toward a residence hall where the workers were located. According to Reed, the students were “coming to the aid of a friend in danger.” However, police are investigating whether the sprinkler mishap triggered a riot.

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According to news-journalonline.com, the university has outsourced much of campus security in recent years to a firm that does not have police powers.

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