Fire Officials Investigating Faulty Smoke Detectors

Published: March 9, 2006

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – Federal officials are investigating flaws found in three models of a carbon monoxide and smoke detector that have been purchased and installed nationwide.

The devices in question are OneLink models by First Alert, and as many as 50,000 of the units may be affected.

The investigation was prompted after fire inspectors discovered that the detectors installed in off-campus housing near Penn State University were malfunctioning. Many of the devices had drained their batteries less than six weeks after being installed. Fire codes require the batteries work for a year.

The models affected include the SA500, SA520 and SC0500. Code officials are recommending that purchasers contact the store where they bought the detectors for further information.

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Connected alarm systems were required to be installed in all State College rental properties after the death of a Penn State student in a fire last April. No smoke detector had been installed in his room.

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