Facebook Faces a Backlash


Although the social network site known as Facebook continues to attract new subscribers, some former devotees are giving up the site, according to the New York Times.

The fear of stalking, compromised privacy and the commercialization of the site were some of the reasons these individuals said they quit.To read the full story, click here


The Pros & Cons of Social Media for Mass Notification


  • Free: Does not require any equipment purchase
  • Still popular with K-12 and college students who willingly sign up as friends of the sites
  • When a campus updates its Web site, these sites can automatically update via RSS feeds
  • No bandwidth issues
  • Helps with rumor control: Administrators can respond to inaccurate information posted on unauthorized sites
  • Campuses use it as intelligence-gathering tools
  • Can be used to deliver non-emergency information to stakeholders


  • Usually, unauthorized individuals have created unofficial college pages, so it is difficult for visitors to identify the institution’s official site. Visitors signed up on the unofficial sites might receive inaccurate information. Campuses can visit www.namechk.com to determine if their sites have been spoofed or their names have been taken.
  • Potential for hacking, denial of service attacks
  • Another mass notification portal to manage, which requires additional staffing
  • Fad factor: Although social media appears to be here to stay, it has yet to be determined how viable specific sites will be in a few years

Source: Campus Safety magazine

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