Energy-Efficient Lighting Installed in District’s Parking Lots

Published: March 24, 2011

DALLAS — Lumetech Group, a provider of commercial LED lighting solutions, has installed energy-efficient lighting in Dallas County Schools’ (DCS) parking lots.

The project was funded in part by incentives provided by the Oncor LED Lighting Program as part of its commitment to reduce energy consumption and demand. (Oncor is an electric distribution and transmission business.)

Through the program, Oncor offers incentives for business, government and nonprofit customers to upgrade parking lots, garages and other facilities with energy-efficient LED lighting and controls.

It is estimated that the annual energy savings to DCS as a result of the LED lighting in its parking lots will be in excess of 505,000 kilowatt-hour per year.

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In addition, due to the enhanced performance and reliability of the new lighting, the district expects to save approximately $363,600 in electricity and maintenance over the lifetime of the bulbs, officials said.

“As an integral member of the Dallas business community, DCS recognizes the need to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Working in lock-step with Lumetech and Oncor, we are confident that we have done the right thing for DCS and the communities we serve,” DCS Superintendent Rick Sorrells said.

Lumetech Group CEO Ron Lusk added that with this new lighting in its parking lots, DCS is doing its part to reduce pressure on the energy grid.

Dallas County Schools maintains 10 service centers that house its 1,700 school bus fleet.

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