Emergent Lighting System®

Emergent Lighting System (ELS) is an innovative mass notification and emergency egress system that can be activated instantly in emergency situations by utilizing LED lighting technology.
Published: September 1, 2014

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Emergent Lighting System (ELS) is a mass notification and emergency egress system that can be activated instantly in the event of a threat or emergency situation. This innovative system uses LED lighting technology, which allows for immediate notification.  This notification drastically reduces the amount of time it takes for the traditional methods to make individuals aware of a threat, thereby saving lives.

The ELS uses static LED lights for immediate mass notification. Colors such as: blue, red, and amber notify building occupants of threats such as intruders, lockdown, severe weather, etc. This emergent notification system is customizable.

The system’s dynamic green LED lights provide occupants with a clearly marked egress path to the nearest exit.  Traditional exit lighting, which is mounted on the ceiling, becomes obscured by smoke as fires increase in intensity.  ELS eliminates this obstruction by using dynamic green LED lights located at the floor level to provide evacuation direction toward the exit.  The dynamic lights track to the nearest exit, as defined in the facility’s evacuation plan.

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Intruder Alerts:
Organization representatives simply press a “panic button” which activates the appropriate color LED in every room in the facility, instantly alerting building occupants that there is a threat.

Discrete notification allows occupants to take action without alerting or agitating an intruder. ELS can also trigger the activation of other devices such as magnetically operated locks.

Emergency Evacuations:
Smoke/Fire:  Dynamic green LED lights track in the direction of the nearest exit point. Lights can be reversed to track in the opposite direction should the exit be compromised.

Emergency Lighting/Loss of Power:
White colored LEDs activate to safely light pathways.

The ELS system also provides emergency lighting by utilizing white LED lights which are activated during loss of power events.  The system is compliant with UL 924 for emergency lighting.

ELS is an affordable and easily installed system that provides immediate mass notification of an emergency or threat.  The value of the system is substantiated in the fact that saving a life is an immeasurable cost savings.  The ELS system is extremely adaptable and will easily incorporate with the facility’s current alarm or computer based system rendering the purchase of new software unnecessary. With the incorporation of other optional features the system can save additional revenue thus not only providing life safety but also helping to offset the cost of installation.  ELS is customizable to establish the facility’s specific needs.

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