District Uses GPS Fleet Tracking System to Improve Vehicle Utilization

Published: October 22, 2010

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Palm Springs Unified School District (USD) has chosen wireless fleet management services provider Networkfleet to improve vehicle utilization, reduce fuel costs, and increase safety. The district outfitted its fleet of 100 vehicles, including maintenance and operations, delivery, school vans, and security vehicles, with the Networkfleet 4200 GPS fleet tracking system.

Palm Springs USD includes 16 elementary schools, four middle schools and four high schools. The school district selected the Networkfleet 4200 because it provides reliable GPS location tracking, includes a simple yet powerful Web-based management system and is backed by Networkfleet’s full service and support, according to the company. The system’s streamlined user interface provides fast and easy access to detailed vehicle performance and fleet tracking data.

“We needed to manage our fleet more effectively and reduce operating costs. At the same time, we wanted to improve driver safety and increase our response times. This made better fleet utilization an imperative,” said Jim Novak, assistant superintendent for Business Services, Palm Springs USD. “By using Networkfleet to observe routing in real time as well as perform post-route analysis, we can significantly reduce the total miles driven and lower fuel usage. We were also impressed with Networkfleet’s work in the public sector and its intuitive, comprehensive online management system.”

“Networkfleet is rapidly gaining a reputation as the system of choice for government fleets, including the local, county, state and federal level,” said Keith Schneider, president and CEO, Networkfleet Inc. “Facing strained government budgets, the public sector is recognizing the benefits of Networkfleet and the importance of doing business with a long-standing company that is responsive to their needs.”

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Networkfleet Oct. 20, 2010 press release


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