County Sheriff May Take Over Security at Detroit Schools

DETROIT, In reaction to two recent shootings at or near city high schools, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is supporting a proposal by Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans to take over security for the Detroit public school district.

The two incidents that prompted this proposal occurred earlier this week. On Dec. 5, two students were shot in the legs by a drive-by shooter as they were walking home in the afternoon. On Dec. 6, a shooting occurred when a student opened an emergency door, which allowed nonstudents to enter the school. An 18-year-old outsider was shot in the arm, and two students were sprayed with pepper spray. Police do not believe the shooter, who remains at large, was a student.

City officials hope that with the sheriff taking over campus security, there will be a uniform presence in the district.

The proposal will not be considered, however, until January when the newly elected school board takes office.

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