Cornell to Pay Vast Majority of Security Fees for Gingrich Speech

Published: March 16, 2017

Cornell University will pay for most of the security fees associated with conservative politician Newt Gingrich’s speech on campus March 22.

A Cornell official said the university is reviewing its security fee policy, which has typically stuck conservative-leaning student organizations with high security costs to respond to protests, reports the Cornell Sun.

Cornell Director of Media Relations John Carberry said the university is working closely with the College Republicans leading up to the event and may create a working group consisting of administrators, students and campus police to continue its review.

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Security for the event is expected to cost around $5,000 as student protests are anticipated. A member of the College Republicans told the Sun the organization will be asked to pay only $500 for two campus police officers.

In November, a speech by Republican Rick Santorum on campus cost the student organization $5,000.

Many have argued that such costs disproportionately affect republican groups and act as a form of censorship. Campus Safety has reported on the cancellation of conservative events at multiple college campuses because of protest concerns.

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