Corbin Russwin, Sargent Unveil New Bored Locks

The new bored lock from the ASSA ABLOY Group brands is certified to surpass ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements.
Published: May 1, 2021

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin and Sargent announce the release of their new bored lock that is certified to surpass ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements, making it well-suited for use in some of the most challenging environments.

Marketed as the Corbin Russwin CLX3300 Series and Sargent 10X Line, the lock offers superior vandalism resistance as evidenced when it successfully maintained egress in the face of more than 3,100 in-lb. locked lever torque – 2.6 times ANSI/BHMA requirements, according to the company.

The lock chassis design supports all cylinder formats — from fixed to interchangeable core. ASSA ABLOY says it is particularly suited to retrofit projects because it is not only easier and faster to install than other standard bored locks, but also incorporates fewer parts, which translates to less maintenance.

“We are excited to offer our customers a bored lock that surpasses expectations for strength and durability in so many ways,” says Lori Brown, locks category product manager, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions. “When it comes to lever pull and sag, latch retraction and vertical impact resistance, this lock consistently exceeds ANSI/BHMA A156.2 requirements — in some cases by as much as 20 times, so users can expect consistent performance for the life of the product.”

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  • Maintained egress while withstanding 3,100 in-lb. locked lever torque (2.6x requirement)
  • Prevented entry against 1,600 lbs. offset lever pull (8x requirement)
  • Prevented entry against 100 vertical impacts (20x requirement)
  • Maintained latch retraction under 100 lb. preload (2x requirement), ensuring consistent operation in warped doors

In addition, independent return springs enabled the lock to exceed Grade 1 cycle requirements without lever sag, according to the company.

The bored lock is available in an array of finishes and a variety of decorative levers. In addition, it incorporates a patent-pending push-turn button that adjusts to accommodate door thickness. As an added measure, the design of the push-turn button is said to also effectively prevent damage that can occur if the button strikes a door stop or wall.

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