Computer Virus to be Unleashed at Midnight

LOS ANGELES – Computer security experts are warning the public that a worm going by the name Kama Sutra, CME-24, BlackWorm, Mywife.E or other titles is set to attack vulnerable computers at midnight, Feb. 3.

The virus causes a keyboard and mouse to freeze. When the computer is subsequently rebooted, the worm disables the antivirus software. It can then destroy common files ending in “.doc,” “.pdf” and “.zip.”

The worm is delivered via an E-mail attachment with subject lines such as “Hot Movie,” “Give me a kiss” and “Miss Lebanon 2006.”

It is estimated that approximately 15,000 computers in the United States are infected with this virus. That number is relatively small when compared to the hundreds of thousands of machines affected overseas in countries like India, Peru, Turkey and Italy.

Experts recommend users immediately update their antivirus programs.

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