College Of Charleston: We Handled Sexual Assault Case Appropriately

CHARLESTON, S.C. — The College of Charleston president has defended the school’s response to sexual assault allegations after the father of the victim called the college’s criminal investigation inadequate.

In April 2012, a 19-year-old member of the school’s varsity softball team claimed that four baseball players took advantage of her in a dormitory suite during a drunken party, Post and Courier reports. The student reported the incident the next day.

The college conducted a six-month investigation of the case, which ended earlier this month with no arrests due to “insufficient evidence,” but noted that the case could be reopened if new evidence becomes available, according to a statement released by College of Charleston President P. George Benson.

Benson also noted that four students were found in violation of the college’s code of conduct and received sanctions in connection with the allegation. While disciplinary actions were not detailed in the statement, school officials said that one of the suspects had been expelled for having inappropriate sexual contact with another student.

The victim has since dropped out of school after the incident.

Read the full College of Charleston statement.

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