Chicago Schools Struggle to Re-admit Students With Criminal Pasts


Despite a pledge from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Chief Ron Huberman to help at-risk teenagers, some parents, probation officials and others in the juvenile justice system are claiming that CPS officials are preventing such troubled youths from returning to school after they have been incarcerated.

  According to the Chicago Tribune, school officials fear that these students will disrupt classes or will be violent. Some officials refuse to readmit at-risk students. However, school rules and the law require that administrators must formally transfer or expel those students if they plan not to accept them.

In other cases, parents have had a difficult time re-enrolling their children after they have been in custody or suspended.

These occurrences raise concerns among many because the longer the students are out of school, they lose more ground in the education system, which makes it more likely for those students to break the law. Additionally, some probation requirements compel students to attend classes.

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