Campus Police Chief Investigated for Sending Inappropriate Messages to Student

A student accused University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Police Chief Michael Marzion with sending her sexually explicit messages on the social networking site Reddit.
Published: June 16, 2014

MILWAUKEE – A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student filed a complaint against the campus’ police chief, claiming that he sent her sexually inappropriate messages on the Internet.

UWM Police Chief Michael Marzion began writing the student after meeting her once at a rummage sale she was having, where he bought at tie. During the transaction, he gave the student his UWM business card and told her to call him if she ever needed anything.

About 20 minutes later, Marzion contacted the student on the social networking site Reddit, and the two began exchanging messages of a personal nature. A week later, the messages then turned sexual, Journal Sentinel reports.

The student told two university instructors about her interaction with Marzion, and they told her to stop communicating with him. However, she continued communicating with the chief, and at one point during their conversations, she said she wasn’t offended by some of his comments.

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She later claimed that she continued communicating with Marzion in an effort to expose him.

Former Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Gary A. Gerlach investigated the case and determined that Marzion did not violate discriminatory conduct during the exchanges.

Furthermore, Gerlach stated that the student encouraged the communications.

He recommended that Marzion be disciplined or receive sexual harassment training, or both.

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