Campus Safety Online Summit is Dec. 5-7. Register Today!

The online summit will feature 18 educational sessions run by experts from Higher Ed, K-12, Hospital and Corporate environments.
Published: December 4, 2017

Campus Safety is presenting a free Online Summit December 5–7.

This 3-day online summit presents 18 educational sessions from 18 of the country’s top security experts. They’ll  share their latest tested-and-tried techniques for Higher Ed, K-12, Hospital and Corporate environments.

The speakers include law enforcement officials and specialists in emergency management, grants, weather-related disasters and personal protection and safety.

When you register, you’ll be able to attend each of the day’s six sessions for free.

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If you’re at all concerned with, interested in or play even a minor role in campus safety, then this event is for you!

Day 1

Learn how to:

  • Create all-weather hazard plans
  • Understand how to respond to internet-based crimes
  • Identify how unarmed security can provide life-saving assistance in a crisis
  • Discuss potential changes and implications to Title IX under the new administration
  • Support the mission of your institution by developing critical “life Skills”
  • Plan and implement your lockdown exercise

Day 2

Learn how to:

  • Explore virtual awareness vs situational awareness and the need for an understanding of the decision cycle of observe, orient, decide and act
  • Create a plan for training staff involved in before and after school activities to be able to respond to an emergency situation
  • Hear examples of how audio combined with video can aid officers in real-time response 
  • Identify current grant opportunities and increase chances for you proposal to stand out from others
  • Analyze your current plans and capabilities to improve your school’s parent-child reunification plans
  • Know what products and substances are being used inside vaping devices

Day 3

Learn how to:

  • Apply for grants to train staff, secure and update your facilities that contain radioactive materials
  • Handle high-risk patients 
  • Understand the unique conditions for workplace violence in a healthcare setting
  • Understand the warning signs of workplace violence at your organization
  • Hear techniques and best practices for de-escalating a violent situation
  • Ensure your employees know what steps to take for a safe trip abroad

Be sure to register for free access to all the topics. Don’t miss this important event.

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