California High School Deploys Dog for Drug Patrol

LA JOLLA, Calif., La Jolla High School officials will use a dog to detect the presence of drugs on campus. La Jolla High is the second campus in the San Diego school district to deploy a golden retriever, affectionately known as “Bucky the Wonder Dog,” to sniff out drugs, booze, firearms and ammunition. Bucky is owned by Houston-based Interquest Detection Canine.

La Jolla High decided to hire the company after the school principal sat down with graduating seniors last year and candidly discussed drug use on campus. The principal discovered that marijuana was easy to obtain and that some of the female students were using cocaine to lose weight.

The district is in the process of developing its policy regarding the use of canines. At present, campus officials or police may search students, their backpacks, purses, jackets, lockers or vehicles if police or administrators have a reasonable suspicion.

In the past, the district used canines for isolated incidents. The dog will cost the school $2,000 per year and provide 10 monthly, random visits.

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