School Board Candidate Admits to 1998 Kidnapping

FAIRFIELD, Calif. — A school board candidate for the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District has acknowledged that she once abducted four girls from a bus stop, but said she was under “mental duress” at the time.

Alvina Sheeley was found not guilty of the 1998 abduction by reason of insanity, the Daily Republic reports. Sheeley is eligible to run for the school board because she was not convicted of the crime.

Sheeley, a former Fairfield High School teacher who had her credentials revoked, attempted to gain custody of a child she knew through relatives. After the child’s mother refused, Sheeley picked up four girls at a bus stop in Illinois to take them to California. The girls tipped off a rental car clerk at an airport who contacted police.

After the abduction, Sheeley spent a year in a federal psychiatric hospital.

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