Boston Doctor Robbed at Gunpoint

Patients’ information and notes were contained in laptop and phone.

After a doctor’s laptop and phone with information for about 1,000 patients were stolen at gunpoint, a Boston Hospital is reviewing its security procedures. The information contained notes exchanged between the doctor and his colleagues in the neurology and neurosurgery departments from October 2011 and September 2014, as well as information from a small number of people involved in a patients’ study.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital says it doesn’t know if the information was removed from the laptop or the phone, but they are looking to see whether policy or procedure plans have to be changed. After going through 29,000 emails, the hospital reached out to about 1,000 affected people, according to the Boston Herald.

Boston Police allege two suspects, Rafel Motas-Pena, 21, and a 13-year-old juvenile, robbed the doctor on Sept. 24 while he was walking with his bicycle around a pond. Reportedly, the pair used a gun and a knife to force the doctor into the brush. Using his bike’s u-lock, they allegedly locked his feet together around a tree and used the bike cable lock to tie up his hands. Police say the doctor was forced to give up the passcodes to his computer and phone. Both suspects haven’t been charged in the doctor’s robbery.

Motas-Pena and the juvenile are being held for attempted murder in another case where they allegedly robbed a man and threw him into a lake. They were arraigned in that case on Oct. 4.

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