Barco to Showcase New Command Center Visualization Platform at GSX 2023

Attending GSX September 11-13? Visit Barco at their Booth No. 4055 and check out their new platform, CTRL.

Barco to Showcase New Command Center Visualization Platform at GSX 2023

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Barco is a technology company with more than 30 years’ experience supporting control rooms, and they will be exhibiting at GSX in Dallas, September 11-13.

Campus Safety caught up with Dan Gundry, who is Barco’s senior director of the Americas to find out what visitors to his company’s booth can expect to see.

Campus Safety: What is the top product or offering your company is showing off at GSX this year, and what makes it special? How does it apply to healthcare facilities, schools and/or higher education security, public safety and/or emergency management?

Dan Gundry: Barco will be featuring CTRL, our new platform for command center visualization. CTRL was designed from the ground up based on 30+ years of Barco leadership in control rooms to support today’s command centers in terms of security in design, simplicity in deployment and use, and scalability of architecture to flex and grow as the mission of a user’s SOC changes.


Dan Gundry

“One size fits all” does not apply to campus security. Flexibility in design, workflow, concept of operations, and response is critical for security departments in today’s world. CTRL helps with situational awareness and responsiveness and scales with these departments as their mission and responsibilities grow.

CS: What other products or offerings would you like to highlight, and what are some of their qualities and benefits?

Gundry: Barco UniSee II. Building on the success of its predecessor, Barco UniSee, this next evolution in LCD video walls continues to redefine the standards of visual excellence and reliability. UniSee II has been designed with a focus on delivering an unparalleled visual experience, setting new benchmarks in image quality and display technology. Some of its qualities and benefits include:

  • Stunning Visuals: Barco UniSee II introduces stunning visuals that captivate the audience with lifelike imagery. Vivid colors, deep blacks, and optimal contrast create a visual feast, making content come alive on the screen.
  • Consistent Uniformity: One of the standout features of Barco UniSee II is its consistent uniformity across the entire video wall. This uniformity ensures that there are no distracting variations in brightness or color across the display, providing a seamless and immersive viewing experience.
  • Enhanced Communication Between Panels: Barco UniSee II takes communication between panels to the next level. Panels work together seamlessly, reducing the gap between them to an almost invisible level. This feature ensures that content flows smoothly across the entire video wall without any disruptions.
  • Viewer-Friendly Ergonomics: Understanding the importance of viewer comfort, Barco UniSee II incorporates ergonomic design principles that reduce eye fatigue. The display’s configuration promotes comfortable viewing angles, making it ideal for extended periods of content consumption.
  • Energy-Efficient: Barco UniSee II is not only visually stunning but also energy-efficient. It’s designed to minimize power consumption while delivering top-notch performance, contributing to cost savings and sustainability.
  • Lasting High ROI: With its robust build quality and advanced features, Barco UniSee II offers a lasting high return on investment. Its reliability and long operational life ensure that it continues to provide value over the long term.

In essence, Barco UniSee II is more than just a video wall. It’s a combination of cutting-edge image quality, seamless communication, viewer comfort, and sustainability sets it apart as a must-have solution for various industries, from command centers to corporate spaces, where visual impact and reliability matter the most.

CS: How do your company and its offerings address the needs of hospitals, schools and/or universities?

Gundry: Command center missions and workflows are changing. No two campuses are created equal – whether it be the differences between a corporate campus and hospital grounds or even a university campus vs a middle school. The data points are growing, the threats are expanding, and the responsibilities are massive. These spaces require a different approach in terms of the technology deployed. Barco continues to stay on the forefront of developing solutions to support security integrators and users in these mission-critical environments.

From a scalable and secure architecture to communicating real-time situational awareness beyond the four walls of a command center, Barco develops technologies that help frontline operators be more aware of and responsive to situations as they unfold.

CS: What else is new or noteworthy about your company for 2023?

Gundry: In 2023, Barco continues to make waves in the industry with its latest offering, Barco CTRL, which represents a significant leap forward in command center technology. Barco CTRL stands out through its three core pillars of security, simplicity, and scalability, each addressing critical aspects of modern command center operations.

CS: What is your company’s overall value proposition to schools, universities and/or hospitals? Why should they do business with you?

Gundry: Barco offers a distinct value proposition tailored to schools, universities, and hospitals by recognizing that the landscape of command center missions and workflows is undergoing significant transformation. Our company understands that no two campuses are identical, each having its own unique challenges and requirements. Whether it’s managing a corporate campus, hospital grounds, a university campus, or a middle school, Barco comprehends the diverse nature of these spaces and the varying demands they pose.

In this rapidly evolving environment, data points are increasing, threats are becoming more complex, and the responsibilities associated with security and operations are becoming monumental. Barco stands out by providing a specialized approach to the technology solutions deployed in these mission-critical settings. We continually innovate and remain at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions that address the specific needs of security integrators and end-users in these diverse and high-stakes environments.

Our value proposition lies in our commitment to delivering scalable and secure architectures that adapt to the unique requirements of each campus type. We go beyond the confines of traditional command centers, enabling real-time situational awareness to be communicated beyond the four walls of these centers. This means that frontline operators, regardless of whether they’re managing security, operations, or emergencies, are equipped with the tools and technologies they need to be acutely aware of unfolding situations and respond promptly.

For more information on Barco, visit them at GSX September 11-13 at booth No. 4055 or visit them online at


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