ASBC Calls For Cell Phone Ban

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pupil transportation officials have called for restrictions on cell phone use by school bus drivers.
The American School Bus Council’s (ASBC) statement addressed the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) recent recommendation on the topic.

The ASBC called for the prohibition of:

  • The use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices – even those with hands-free devices – while driving, except in extreme emergencies.
  • The use of cell phones while supervising the loading and unloading of students.

The NTSB recommended a cell phone ban for bus drivers in November following its investigation of an accident in which a motorcoach driver who was talking on a hands-free cell phone struck a low bridge. The agency said that the use of hand-held and hands-free cell phones can impair driving performance.

In addition to supporting cell phone restrictions, the ASBC released a set of guidelines designed to provide clear national practices on bus driver qualifications, hiring and training, school transportation safety, emergency preparedness, and health and environmental safety. To access the guidelines, click here.

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