Are Your Students Suffering from ‘Drunkorexia?’

DENVER — A new trend among college students is putting their lives in jeopardy as students are now replacing food calories with those in alcoholic beverages.

As National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week concludes, colleges in Colorado are discussing “drunkorexia,” in which students will cut back on their food calorie intake because they have been binge drinking, reports The Denver Post. Health officials are concerned because students are now consuming alcohol not only on empty stomachs, but on empty bodies because they are giving up food in order to party.

University of Northern Colorado’s Emily Hedstrom-Lieser, who works in the Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Education Office, said she often sees students who drink on empty stomachs and then binge on “drunk food” — pizza, French fries, hamburgers, etc. They then vomit the food because they feel guilty for eating so much.

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