Ambulance Stolen by Psychiatric Patient at Ala. Hospital

The patient was detained shortly after the theft without incident.

A psychiatric patient drove away in a hospital’s ambulance Aug. 25 and was later arrested.

Bobbie Garrison, 39, has been charged with first degree theft after she allegedly got into a running ambulance under a Decatur Morgan Hospital parking bay and drove off, according to Decatur Daily.

Garrison had been given psychiatric treatment and was released from the psych ward at the time of the theft.

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The ambulance was dropping off patients when the theft occurred but no injuries were reported.

Morgan County police located Garrison on Alabama 67 and detained her without incident.

The hospital is working with police on the investigation.

In Alabama first degree theft is a Class B felony and carries a penalty of two to 20 years in prison. Garrison is being held in Morgan County Jail with a $2,500 bail.

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