79 Scottsdale School Buses Vandalized

Published: August 28, 2007

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.- Early Aug. 24, 79 school buses were vandalized, leaving approximately half of the bus riders at Scottsdale schools – about 4,000 students – scrambling for alternate transportation to class.

This was the second vandalism attack, despite three security cameras having been installed after the first incident, which occurred late April 6 or early April 7.

Last Friday, vandals wrecked bus windshields and windows, according to Maureen O’Leary, a district spokesperson. Neighbors called the police when they heard a disturbance at 2:30 a.m.

According to surveillance tapes, two people were in the bus yard. Despite the video footage, police have no suspects in either vandalism attack. After the first incident, security guards patrolled the bus yard for about two weeks.

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The morning after the latest incident, bus drivers drove their own cars to bus stops to let students know they needed to find rides to the 19 affected schools. Scottsdale traffic officers guided the additional traffic at each school.

Workers will replace 17 side windows and 135 windshields.

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