6 Funny Security Signs that Are Sure to Make You Laugh

Here are some ridiculous security signs that businesses use to deter crime. What would you do if you saw signs like these?
Published: October 29, 2018

If your hospital, school or university has a video surveillance system, it’s generally considered a best practice to post signs notifying students, patients, visitors, teachers and staff that they are on camera.

It is likely that just by putting out a sign letting it be known there are security cameras in the area, people will behave better because they know they are under surveillance. Most of these signs are simple, professional and get to the point.

Then there are those signs that make you do a double take and wonder if it’s serious or not.  Some may have a personal touch added to them. Maybe these business owners believe their funny signs will grab the attention of the reader. We put together a slideshow of warning signs that we thought were pretty darn funny. They go above and beyond the normal, “This area is under surveillance.” We wonder how successful they were, too.

Although it might not be a good idea to adopt this approach to security signage, the posted warnings in this photo gallery are sure to make you chuckle.

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Check out the 6 funny security signs here.

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