5 Shot, Injured at South Carolina Fraternity Party

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A man who had been ejected from a fraternity party in South Carolina came back to the gathering with a gun a short time later and opened fire. Five party-goers were injured.

The incident occurred early in the morning on March 18 when the suspect, who had been arguing with others at the party, was kicked out. According to police, he then went to his car and obtained a firearm. The suspect returned to the party and began shooting. He then fled but soon returned with three others, all of whom shot at the building.

One victim was shot in the head, one in the cheek, one in the right hand, one in the back and the fifth in the shoulder. All are expected to survive their injuries. Approximately $28,000 of property damage resulted from the shooting.

The suspects remain at large.

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