5 Guilford Football Players Arrested For Assaulting 3 Palestinian Students

Published: January 25, 2007

GREENBORO, N.C. – Five Guilford College football players have been charged with assault and ethnic intimidation in connection with a fight that occurred Jan. 20 at the school.

The altercation involved three Palestinian students who say they were kicked and punched by the suspects. The football players are also accused of using racial slurs during the incident. Court documents say that at least 15 members of the football team were involved in the melee, which occurred at an on-campus dormitory.

FBI officials are investigating the incident to determine if it qualifies as a federal hate crime.

More than 250 Guilford students walked out of their classes Jan. 25 to protest the suspects’ alleged actions. They wore red ribbons and met at the Quad.

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According to a statement released by a local Islamic center, although this is the first time Muslims who study at the school have experienced this level of violence and racism, they were outraged by the attack. A spokesman for the center, however, said they were reserving judgment about the case until all of the facts are known

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