3rd Person Alleges Syracuse Assistant Coach Abused Him

Another man has come forward claiming Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine sexually abused him when he was a child in 2002.

The 23-year-old man told police on Nov. 23 that he was 13 when Fine molested him in a hotel room, reports USA Today and The Post-Standard.

Additionally, an audio tape made by the second alleged victim in 2002 has come to light. The victim says he recorded a phone conversation he had with Fine’s wife in which she acknowledged she knew about her husband’s sexual abuse of him. The tape was turned over to ESPN in 2002.

The first alleged victim, who is now 39 years old, says Fine abused him starting in 1983, when he was a ballboy. The suspected abuse started when the victim was in seventh grade, and the victim says he was abused at Fine’s home, at Syracuse facilities and on road trips. The first accuser’s step brother is the second alleged victim.

Read the full report.

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