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Whether it's the latest in video, access, detection or breakthroughs in wireless, thermal or cloud technology, our tech experts have it covered. See which products made the cut and why.
Published: January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! This blog ran in our sister publication, Security Sales & Integration, and I thought Campus Safety readers might benefit from this information as well. – Robin

With flashy new gizmos like the iPhone 5, Kindle Fire HD and their smartphone/tablet brethren dominating mainstream media and preoccupying the masses (draining their bank accounts all the while), technology has never been hotter or more topical. This obsession with mobile communications/computing and rapid advancements in those technologies is also profoundly affecting the research & development and introduction of many security products. So while by and large off the general public’s radar, the electronic security industry has plenty of its own amazing technology to crow about. Much of it is spotlighted in SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION’s 2012 Top echnology Innovations.

If you are looking to sate your inner tech geek, you’re assured of discovering something in this year’s picks that scratches you right where you itch. Although each manufacturer is limited to a single notice, this year’s list encompasses almost as many types of technologies as entries.

As you might expect, the choices by SSI columnists Bob Dolph (“Tech Talk”) and Paul Boucherle (“Convergence Channel”) are by and large indicative of their respective fortes. What all the selections share in common is offering a wealth of opportunities and benefits.

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Besides being a great reference for opportunity-hungry industry professionals, the list is subjective and lends itself to enjoyable discussion and debate. With that in mind, SSI presents 2012’s Top Technology Innovations.

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SSI Technical Writers Paul Boucherle, Bob Dolph and Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine can be reached at


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