1 in 5 Background Check Disputes Involve ID Theft


Identity theft accounts for 21 percent of inaccurate background screenings, according to research by MyBackgroundCheck.com.

In a report first aired September 29, CNN (video here) reporter Gerri Willis interviewed a woman who described how her husband’s dream job turned into a nightmare because of false information found on his pre-employment background check.

“Unfortunately, the case described in the CNN report is not unusual, and a recent study shows nearly one in five disputed background checks contain false information attributed to identity theft or misidentification” stated Robert Mather, CEO of MyBackgroundCheck.com. “Over one million consumers have purchased background checks through us, many to help in the job seeking process.”

The research focused on consumers that purchased their own background check or had a background check procured through a prospective employer and contested the results of the report.

The study of disputed background checks revealed that the reasons for the disputes were:

  • Charges were reduced/dismissed or expunged and should not be reported (14%)
  • Court error (wrong criminal record was retrieved from files) 12%
  • Some Criminal records dismissed others reported correctly (partial dispute/correction) 16%
  • Not allowed to be reported by law for employment purposes (CA Marijuana, over 7 yrs in some states etc.) 11%
  • Criminal Identity theft or not their record 21%
  • Untruthful applicant, record was reported correctly 16%
  • Other 9%

A multitude of State and Federal laws protect job applicants from error and mandate potential employers as well as the agency that investigated your background check and sold the report correct the mistakes at no cost to applicants.

A list of these laws and the potential penalties to employers or background check agencies violating them can be obtained for free by emailing info@mybackgroundcheck.com and requesting publication “24p:laws protecting the rights of consumers during the background check process.”

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