How to Ensure Your Communications Will Be Heard and Understood

Published: March 31, 2017

“Can you hear me now?” was a slogan from a popular mobile phone carrier several years back, but it applies even more to today’s campus security communications technologies. After all, it’s pointless for a campus to install a communications system if the audible announcements and messages being delivered can’t be heard or understood.

That’s why outstanding intelligibility is the hallmark of Zenitel, a leading provider of intercoms and call panels. At ISC West next week in Las Vegas, the company is presenting a new concept in helping hospitals, schools and universities identify the right products to meet their intelligibility requirements.

“Communication is critical in all areas of business, and therefore our No. 1 priority is to provide intelligible voice audio in all solutions,” says Zenitel USA President Jim Hoffpauir. “The industry as a whole is lacking a scorecard, and we feel it is part of our responsibility to step forward and challenge all communication manufacturers to deliver technology that meets basic intelligibility requirements for communication.”

Vingtor-Stentofon by Zenitel Group solutions are designed with open standards, giving customers greater flexibility and choice, from simple plug and play with IPBX, distributed standalone systems to central server enterprise solutions that easily integrate with other applications. Some of Zenitel’s new solutions currently on display at ISC West include:

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  • IP Turbine Compact Video Intercom Station with Dialing Directory (TCIV-6): This solution is an innovative approach to delivering intelligible audio with integrated native video verification. It is an expansion of Zenitel’s Turbine Video line, providing users with a selectable dialing directory. The station addresses the need for intelligible voice audio in typical installations, many of which can be challenging. “Providing audio in a quiet laboratory environment is easy, but we find most customers install an intercom in locations that have dynamic ambient noise and this is where Turbine is designed to operate,” says Hoffpauir. “It allows you to hear, be heard and be understood every time you make the call.”
  • Turbine Extended Intercom Module (TKIE-2):  This is Zenitel’s new kit that addresses the need for integration, retrofit, custom solutions and OEM. Campuses can retrofit an existing analog amplifier to create an IP PA zone, install it inside an elevator or parking revenue system for an OEM look or build their own custom IP intercom.  An integrated 10 W amplifier accompanied by native advanced audio edge technology makes sure campuses have what is needed at the edge to provide intelligible voice audio.
  • IP Call Panel (ECPIR-3):  This panel addresses the need for an easy-to-use operator call panel.  A gooseneck or handheld microphone can deliver voice over IP with a simple press of a button.


Clear, accurate and intelligible audio is essential to campus operational and security functions. It is particularly essential in managing groups of individuals distributed throughout a building or campus. Vingtor-Stentofon solutions enable school and hospital administrators to deliver clear instructions with intelligible voice audio whenever the need arises. When a Vingtor-Stentofon solution is integrated into access control and video management systems, administrators are empowered with the ability to perform several functions with one action.

For example, when an event prompts a lockdown, just the initiation of an emergency message could signal doors to lock and video recording to occur. A significant difference the Vingtor-Stentofon Turbine offers is a dual capability to provide intercom communication and, when needed, operate as a broadcast level speaker for announcements.

In hospitals, Vingtor-Stentofon solutions allow accurate intelligence to be shared every time a call is made from an operating room, blue light station in a parking garage or other location.

“We understand the fundamental need for anyone using intercoms to have the ability to hear, be heard and be understood every time they use it,” says Hoffpauir.

Zenitel remains a leader in the industry delivering innovations focused on providing intelligible voice audio.

Visit Zenitel at their ISC West booth, number 12121 or visit them online at

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