Man Attempts to Steal Ambulance from Hoboken Hospital

The man was removed from a hospital waiting room after security called police about a non-patient who would not leave.

Man Attempts to Steal Ambulance from Hoboken Hospital

A man locked himself in an ambulance outside a New Jersey hospital and attempted to drive off in it Sunday morning.

Officers from the Hoboken Police Department were dispatched to Hoboken University Medical Center after security officers called about a man who wouldn’t leave the waiting room, according to The Patch.

Police arrived and escorted the man, later identified as 30-year-old Nicholas Soto, out of the hospital. He was not a patient or visiting anyone at the hospital.

After being escorted outside, officers remained in the area to make sure he did not return.

After several minutes, police noticed the man pacing back and forth near an ambulance parked outside the hospital. Soto then got into the ambulance and locked the door.

When police approached, he attempted several times to put the ambulance into gear but was unsuccessful.

With support from hospital security, officers were able to gain entry to the vehicle through its rear doors. Soto resisted several times as officers attempted to take him into custody. They were eventually able to handcuff him and take him to police quarters.

While being fingerprinted at the police station, Soto attempted to flee by running toward the door of the processing room. He was later taken to Hudson County jail in Kearny.

Soto has been charged with burglary, theft, escape and resisting arrest.

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