Security System Gives Hospital Advantages, New Life

Upgrading Jackson Hospital’s entire security system – which included the installation of a new access control system and integration with a digital video system – has already saved money, property loss and lives.

Saving Money, Property, and Possibly Even Lives
Jackson Hospital has saved itself, and other organizations, countless time and money on litigation and claims since the digital CCTV and access control systems have been installed. The center has detailed several occasions where patients have fallen and attempted to sue, or minor car accidents have occurred in front of the hospital, and each time the digital video has shown exactly what really happened. In those cases, the hospital has been absolved of liability.
The digital video also uncovered the culprits in the theft of several pieces of hospital equipment. In addition, the system led to the eventual arrest of a car burglar who broke into a car in the parking lot and prevented another break-in just as it was about to happen. With the digital system, our administrators can quickly locate an incident, create an evidence CD, and turn it over to police for further investigation. That ability has led to many cases being solved and in addition, lowering the hospital’s liability. We are using video as much for loss prevention as for security. We can prevent litigation now, when in the past we would have gone to court.

Prescription for Security
We have plans to add the PIN-plus-badge access control feature to more areas of the main hospital, and a professional medical office building located across the street from the hospital. Two other medical office buildings on the hospital campus also want to connect to the system.
For areas that require heightened security, the hospital will take advantage of the “swipe and show” feature of the access control software that pulls a picture up on a monitor once a badge is swiped through a reader. That way, security personnel can visually verify the identity of individuals entering high security areas.

David Jones is director of security and communications at Jackson Hospital. He can be reached at and (334) 293-8692.

The unabridged version of this article as well as additional articles are available in the September/October issue of Campus Safety Magazine.

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